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Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis PrīmXComposite to Concrete Floors

PrīmXComposite Concrete Flooring System is the only concrete system that delivers in all key areas:

PrimXComposite No saw cuts, Competitive Analysis
PrīmXComposite, No Saw Cuts
  • Millions of square feet in service
  • Contains steel fibers for reinforcement
  • Incorporates a shrink compensating admixture
  • Eliminates saw cuts and joints
    • No curling at joints
    • No large openings in saw cuts
  • Can be poured in a single lift (monolithic)
  • Allows for complete flexibility in rack placement
  • Engineered to meet or exceed load requirements
  • Real-time, cloud-based quality control management system
  • Allows for integration of walls and other elements to the floor for enhanced structural strength

Competitive Analysis

Description PrīmXComposite Competitor A: System Competitor B: Steel Fiber Reinforced Floor Competitor C: Seamless Concrete Competitor D: Shrink Compensating Floor Traditional Concrete
Millions of Sq. Ft. in Service X X X X X X
Steel Fiber Reinforced X X X X X X
Proprietary Shrink-Compensating and Process X      X    X      X
No Saw Cuts X X X X X X
No Joint/Saw Cut Curl X X X X X X
No Large Joint Openings X X X X X    X
Poured in a Single Lift X X X X X X
Rack Layout Flexibility X X X X X X
Engineered to Load Requirements X X X X X   X
Real-Time Quality Control X X X X X X
Integrate Walls for Structural Strength X X X X X X