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Prime Quality System

quality system

Concrete Production Meets High-Tech

Prime Quality System is a cloud-based technology platform that measures 21 data points at the job site during concrete production. It utilizes a special app and transmits it back via the internet to our central server. Engineers monitor the data for deviations. We are constantly analyzing and adjusting concrete and production methods to adapt to the environment.

Prime Quality provides real time data, monitoring and documentation for project team, engineers and owners:

  • Additive dosages
  • Air, sub-base and concrete temperature
  • Humidity levels and wind speeds
  • Evaporation rate
  • Slump at arrival, post additives and casting
  • Air content and density
  • Time of truck departure from plant, arrival at site, post additive and casting
  • Testing of sub-base, concrete unit weight and air content
  • Project photography
  • Storage for all project-related documents, personnel, slab design, batch mix design, meeting, etc. 
  • Quality control, including:
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Real-time documentation and adjustments
  • Onsite iPads for additive, casting, finishing teams and project manager
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Real-time connectivity to in-house laboratory
  • Check-list based procedures